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Lyapunova AG., Danilkina NA., Khlebnikov AF., Köberle B., Bräse S., Balova IA.

Oxaenediynes through the Nicholas-type macrocyclization approach

Eur. J. Org. Chem. (2016) (Epub ahead of print)


Fischer B.M., Hartwig A.

Aufklärung toxischer Wirkmechanismen mittels Hochdurchsatz-RT-qPCR

BIOsprektrum (2016), 05.16, 22. Jahrgang, S.499-500


Köberle B., Koch B., Fischer B.M., Hartwig A.

Single nucleotide polymorphisms in DNA repair genes and putative cancer risk

Arch Toxicol. (2016) (Epub ahead of print)


Cetraz M., Sen V., Schoch S., Streule, K., Golubev V., Hartwig A., Köberle B.

Platinum(IV)-nitroxyl complexes as possible candidates to circumvent cisplatin resistance in RT112 bladder cancer cells

Archives of Toxicology (2016) (Epub ahead of print)


Beyersmann D., Hartwig A.

Metalle Nickel

in: Handbuch Umweltmedizin, Wichmann HE, Fromme H (Hrsg), 56. Erg.Lfg. 5/16 ecomed Verlag, VI-3, S1-21


Krüger C.T., Fischer B.M. Armant O., Morath V., Strähle U., Hartwig A.

The in vitro PIG-A gene mutation assay: glycosylphosphatidylinositiol (GPI)-related genotype-to-phenotype relationship in TK6 cells

Archives of Toxicology (2016), Volume 90, Issue 7, Pages 1729-1736


Fleck C. S., Sauter F., Pfeiffer E., Metzler M., Hartwig A., Köberle B.

DNA damage and repair kinetics of te Alternaria mycotoxins alternariol, altertoxin II and stemphyltoxin III in cultered cells

Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis (2016) [In Press]